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Working with children and recording child voice over is something different than recording with adult voice overs. That means there can be restricions:




Kids voice over talents are minors so they go to school. Sometimes depending on country of residence untill early evening.


Kids need to be accompanied by parents or guardians. That means that parents might need to take a day off to travel to our studio to enable their kids to do child voice overs.


Some clients expect a recording the same or next day after delivery of the script. Due to the reasons mentioned here this is not a realistic expectation.


Therefore recordings in general can be done late afternoons or in weekends.


Please allow 5 days to arrange your voice over kids recording to be scheduled.


Clients love to listen in while a kids voice over recording is in progress and direct themselves. We do offer this options via Skype, Zoom or any other video conference platform but this is not self-evident.


Its depening on our local directors to agree with this. Some kids are very relaxed in being directed remotely while others get nervous en do not performs as well as with their trusted local director.


Also not everybody is comfortable on being on camera while recording their voice overs as well as privacy issues as not all parents will allow this.


Its always our local language directors decision in cooperation with the kids parents to allow remote direction or not.



Kids Voice Overs


Are children voice over rates different than recording with adults?


Yes they are. Mainly because there are many people involved. Not only the kids voicetalent but their parents or guardians as well as a soundstudio engineer and voice over director specialized in recording with children. Sometimes kids even have agents involved.


How are child voice over fees calculated?


Fees are calculated based on usage of the recording which varies per country as well as what kind of media will be used for broadcast.


There is always the basic session rate plus a buyout fee. A buyout voiceover usage fee is paid to voiceover artists to cover the ongoing use of their recording for a certain amount of time.


So when exactly do voiceover buyout usage fees apply?


A basic rule of thumb is that any material for use in the public domain will require a usage fee. It basically acts as a licensing contract between the client, VoiceOverKids.Agency and the voice artist.


Placement on the clients website only is calculated differently than national Tv and radio commercials, Youtube pre-rolls and usage on social media.


Do different languages have different kids voice over fees?


A commercial recording for the Dutch market which is relatively a small country is calculated differently than the same recording for national broadcast in the US for example. The buyout or usage fee makes the difference.


Let our account manager inform you about children's voice over rates based on the usage in your targeted country.