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Aren't child voices played by adult voice actors?

There was a time once when childrens voice overs would be played by adults. That still happens but there is a major demand in animation and voice acting for “authentic” voices for child characters when possible. That does require skills from our voiceover kids.

At VoiceOverKids.Agency we specialise in casting and recording professional international kids and child voices in many languages.


Sometimes our child actors go back and forth between voice and on-camera acting. Other times, they specialize in voice acting and maintain lifelong adult voice acting careers.

Is voice acting for kids easier than on on-screen acting?

We don't think so. Voice acting can be more challenging than other kinds of acting because you can’t “hide” in voice acting. There is no visual distraction in the form of physical comedy or facial expressions. All acting must be expressed through the voice!


All forms of acting are uniquely their own, and all rely on the actor’s willingness and ability to access their instrument and communicate with others. Recorded performances are, by nature, removed from the audience. Usually, voice actors will work in small booths, completely alone, relying solely on their imaginations! Two actors might each record their halves of an argument in separate recording sessions, a month apart.


Also, voice actors are often cast in multiple roles in the same project. Both because they can pull it off, and because it’s budget friendly, reducing costs and production time.

So do you need an amazing voice to be a child voice actor?

Actually, voice work requires versatility, and versatility comes from acting skills, talent, confidence and commitment. What gets voice actors cast? Their acting skills! First and foremost, voice actors must do what actors do: communicate emotions and real-feeling experiences to their audience. Voice actors do this almost entirely with their voices so acting is paramount. Listen to our international kids voice over samples and you'll see what we mean.

What's your turnaround time for recording a child voice over?

Can we direct the child voice over recordings ourselves?

How are kids voice over rates calculated?

What happens when kids voices change?

Kids voices change all the time, thats why we keep our online child voice over demo's up to date as much as possible. But what happens to child voice overs when their voice change?


Change and growth are a good thing! Gradual vocal maturity is an asset to the voice actor. A child voice actor might lose jobs but will surely gain others.

I wanna be a child voice voice over, where do i start?

So you want to be a child voice over actor but don't know where to start because voice acting is so much more difficult to break into than other fields?


Voice acting is no different to any other forms of acting. All lasting acting careers require willingness to constantly grow and learn. If you are interested in breaking into voice acting, your best bet is to start with solid training. Voice acting training differs from on-camera training. Start with your local acting school, and ask for referrals to coaches who specialize in children voice work, kids voice demo reel services, and child voice casting sites that are specific to vocal professionals.

How many and which languages do you offer for kids voices?

Currently we offer child voice over actors in the following 25 languages but new voices and languages are being added every month.