International Child voice over casting agency & studio

The best Child voices from all over the World


VoiceOverKids Agency is an International child voice over casting agency dedicated to children's & teenage voices. Child voice actors with lots of experience behind the mic but also as young stage performers in musicals and Tv series. Our International kids voices will bring life to every production where a young voice is needed.


Can't find children's voice overs in a specific language or age range? Mail us for a custom child voice casting as not our entire voicebank is online and is depending on site updates.



Pick your favorite International Kids Voicetalent from our boys and girls voices ranging in voice age from 6 till 15 years old


Not a clue which kid fits best for your production? Let us give you some options based on your briefing


We have our own recording studio equiped with ISDN, Source Connect and Session Link Pro for remote studio sessions


Thanks to our inhouse recording studio and International partner studio's Worldwide recordings can be delivered fast as lightning

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